Stand up and fight for yourself even when you’re forced to sit down. 

Absolutely agree with Claudia. Stay true to yourself regardless of what others think.

Claudia Hernandez

image: pinterest
Life is like that. People come, people go. People use, people don’t. Some appreciate, some just ignore. Life is like that. People just are or just don’t.

If you’re a teenager, grown ups will try and undermine you for your youth. If you’re an adult, teenagers will try and demotivate you for your age. Every time it seems people will always try and put you down. The circumstances will be different, the force which they will push you too.

But you, you must stand up. Forget them. Forgive yourself for the times you’ve been one of them. And, most importantly, don’t fucking care about how young or old you are. Stand up – But do it for yourself. Do not, I repeat, do not focus on achieving something just because they told you you couldn’t. Do it for you. You knew you could and if you don’t, you…

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