About Me!

Hello fellow person of the internet.

My name’s Ryan Ellis and I’m a 20 year old,  student from Britain that spends the majority of his life online, drinking coffee, or doing both!

I upload videos onto YouTube and have set myself a new project to work on. You’re probably wondering what I’m talking about… You’re looking at it!

That’s right. Whilst I love YouTube as a platform for allowing me to express my opinion and connect with other creative individuals; video blogs are only one form of medium for me to express myself on.

If you’ve never heard of me before then I’d strongly recommend checking out my YouTube channel with the following link:

My Youtube Channel

Wondered how long it would take me to insert a “cheeky plug”.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts and connect with me. After all this blog is all about meeting new and exciting people!

Take care,

Ryan Ellis